Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My name is .......... What's yours?

Dawn from As Sweet as Cinnamon, that yummy sounding blog which is even more yummy when you visit it, has asked us how we came up with the name of our blog and why.
When I was teensy weensy new at computers (not so long ago really) I needed to put a name to something I was doing, and didnt want to use my "real" name - didnt trust this computer world too much then - so I came up with Mardi.  Mar from the beginning of my name Marilyn, d is the beginning of my last name, and the i made the name sound right.  So I became Mardi in the computer world.  The meaning of Mardi is "born on Tuesday", but I was born on Sunday so can't claim the name for that reason.
One day I decided to start a blog - well, actually I wanted to join in an activity that was open only to bloggers.  So in not much more than a heartbeat, Mardi Meanderings was born.  Meanderings sounded like it complemented Mardi - had a nice ring to it.  And I have to say I do tend to meander my way through my life, be it quilting, working, spending time with my family, or time with friends.

So that's my story.  But there are lots more stories to be found when you go visiting Dawn to see who else has linked to her post.
I have been piecing this backing

for my Daisy Street quilt.

It is sandwiched and ready for quilting.


Dawn said...

OH Marilyn, Big Hugs to you...its funny how we jump into blogosphere very gingerly to start with, then we realise its so much fun, we wonder why we were so trepid to start with... I so love your name... its so you
and the quilt is looking fabulous...
can't wait to see it finished.
husg dawn x x

Dianne said...

Hi Marilyn. When I first discovered your blog I really thought your name was Mardi. It is a nice name even so. Meandering is a nice word, well thought up. Mine is very boring but everything I tried originally was taken. Will have to workshop it with my daughter, she is very creative with words. Have a great weekend, your quilt is looking good. Di.

Allie said...

Love your story, and the name! I remember being leery of letting my name be known on the internet too....scary stuff. Your quilt is looking great!

Helsie said...

It seems that many of us go through the same thought processes when we come to naming our blogs. Alliteration seems to be a theme that provides a lot of catchy names. I really like yours.

Janet said...

Alliteration always sounds good. Creative use of your own name without revealing too much. I like your blog name.