Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our oldest Grandson Zac is a great collector of Transformers.  He brings them out to show me and tells me their names.   I forget them as soon as he tells me but he is happy to tell me again the next time. 
He brought along some of them when he came to visit after Christmas.  These are his superdooper favourites.
The photo looks washed out in the background because it was during all the rain.  The light patch in the lawn is our instant back yard lake. 
For his birthday I am making him a Transformers quilt from panels I bought.  The top is done except for the borders.  I am still thinking of what I would like to do for the borders.  Then it will be quilted and finished before it becomes another UFO.

But it has to be put aside for a few days.  I am heading off to visit Daughter and Harry for a few days, and my sewing machine is going for a little holiday at the technicians home for a bit of R and R.

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Di's Quilting and Craft said...

He is going to love this, Marilyn. I love your pinwheel blocks, they really give it some zip. Di.