Friday, October 8, 2010

New binder cover

On Monday our craft group got together to finish off our Binder Carry-all, using the beautiful binder cover pattern from Joypatch.  The dresden plates were made a few weeks ago, and now the binder is assembled, and is ready to be filled with my patterns for WIPs and my Want to do's.  I dont think it will take long to fill - like so many, my list is loooong.
The front cover.  The background is very light blue fusions fabric, though it looks kind of murky cream in this pic.

The spine with embroidery.  (I did mine on the machine, rather than the beautiful hand embroidery in Joy's pattern - sometimes I need to take the quicker way or it will take too long to complete.)

 Inside the front cover - I need to find 3 buttons to put on the pocket flaps.  I added the little piece of doctors flannel on there to hold  needles and pins.

The back cover.
After sewing on the dresden plates and doing the quilting I decided to go for a bigger binder - not thinking that the dresden plates would then be off centre. I can live with that.  We also found that our binders must have been slightly bigger than the one Joy used, and so we added a little extra to both length and width of our cover.  All of the binders look good - with a variety of colours and finishes.


Wendy said...

oh wow, your binder is lovely. I want one! Thanks for sharing the link and your pictures.

BubzRugz said...

Your binder is wonderful..... it is something I keep meaning to make (in fact there is the beginnings of one lurking in the back of the cupboard) .... makes such a difference to have a pretty one.